How to Spend 3 Days in Long Beach, WA

While the Washington Coast is dotted with small beach towns, Long Beach, WA, carries its own unique charm,  bringing visitors and their families back year after year. There is nothing quite like a long weekend getaway in a beautiful vacation home rental on the shores of Long Beach!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, time moves […]

A Traveler’s Guide to Long Beach, Washington

The sandy shoreline of Long Beach, Washington, is a captivating coastal haven where time always seems to slow down, and nothing seems to matter except for the comforting lull of crashing waves and the refreshing, salty sea breeze touching your skin.  This picturesque seaside town in Pacific Country also offers a treasure trove of experiences, […]

Best Games to Play at the Beach This Summer

Surf, sun, and sand: the only required components for a great beach getaway! But keeping kids (or yourself) entertained at the beach can sometimes require a little more equipment. Sure, if you’re enjoying a solo beach day, you could easily spend hours soaking up the sun’s rays, collecting seashells, and reading a good book. But […]

Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival (2023)

Astoria is the crown jewel of Oregon tourism. It is perfectly quiet and laid back but with plenty to see and do. It’s rustic but not too rough around the edges. It’s also the perfect getaway from busy destinations like Portland or Seattle. Astoria makes an excellent day trip from your Long Beach vacation rental. […]

Clamming in Long Beach, WA: A Beginner’s Guide

For those of us who weren’t raised along the vast stretch of crashing gray waves and grass-crested dunes of Washington’s coastal beaches, the term ‘clamming’ might sound like a peculiar or downright strange activity. Possibly one only reserved for crusty fishermen or grizzled longshoremen digging waist deep in muck. But for those who grew up […]

A Traveler’s Guide to Downtown Long Beach, WA

Vacation should be a time to get away from it all. To slow down and savor the small moments. Even if it’s just a quick weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle— a vacation rental in Long Beach, Washington can be just the quaint little slice of paradise you’re looking for. Just because Downtown Long […]

Visiting Astoria in an Unforgettable Day Trip

Astoria is a charming port town on the Oregon Coast located right where the mouth of the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Right on the other side of the state border from Washington, Astoria is the day trip you’ve been searching for. Here the streets are lined with lovely Victorian homes and the entire […]

Horseback Riding in Long Beach, WA: A Visitor’s Guide

Long Beach, Washington is the perfect place to bring all your equestrian dreams to life. Just north of the famed Oregon Coast, this quiet community is a much less traveled and more off-the-beaten-path destination for beachgoers of any season. While much of your beach vacation I’m sure you plan to cozy up in your vacation […]

The Best Long Beach WA Restaurants 

When visiting the Long Beach Peninsula area in Washington, you’ll have countless delicious restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Since Long Beach is a coastal area, the region is especially famous for its world-class seafood. Popular menu items at the top Long Beach restaurants will include staples such as chowder, crab cake, halibut, and fish tacos. […]

The Top Things to Do in Long Beach, WA

Wind-swept grassy knolls bordering a quaint seaside town and 28 miles of yellow sand beach. Slow strolls on breezy boardwalks with kaleidoscope-colored kites fluttering above your head. The briny smell of buttery mollusks freshly plucked from icy waters. You can only be in Long Beach, Washington. Tucked into the furthest southwest corner of the state […]