Best Games to Play at the Beach This Summer

Surf, sun, and sand: the only required components for a great beach getaway! But keeping kids (or yourself) entertained at the beach can sometimes require a little more equipment.

Sure, if you’re enjoying a solo beach day, you could easily spend hours soaking up the sun’s rays, collecting seashells, and reading a good book. But when you plan a seaside visit for the family or a large group of friends— games, specifically outdoor beach games, are a must.

Long Beach, Washington, is known for its impossibly long shoreline, which gives you tons of room for beach activities. To make your beach play even easier, we supply all the required equipment for the best beach games right in your vacation home rental. This means less time spent packing and no extra baggage for our folks who arrive via a flight!

This list of fun beach games will liven up your vacation and create fond memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Bocce Ball

Photo Credit: On The Run Photo

Perfect for all ages! Simply place the “pallino,” which is the smaller ball, from the set at the desired distance, then make sure your court (sand field) is clear of people, and throw your balls as close to the pallino as possible. The closest one wins! It’s a game of accuracy and strategy to knock other people’s balls away from the pallino.


Photo Credit: AnTish

Think of this as a giant, family-friendly beer pong set but it doesn’t have to be a drinking game. Your six large buckets will be set in a triangle formation in front of you. Then, standing about 6-15 feet away (the choice is up to you and dependent on the group’s skill level), you’ll shoot your small game ball into your opponent’s buckets.


Photo Credit: Space_Cat

Get up out of your beach chairs because Cornhole is an absolute beach day favorite. But it’s not a game that easily fits into your beach bag. Fortunately, we have cornhole boards you can easily tote with you to the shore.

Like bucketball, you’ll place the three-holed platform across from your opponents at a distance of around 10 feet. Then you’ll launch beanbags toward the holes earning points for those you sink. This game requires a little more finesse than bucketball. It’s also easy to play with teams and create your own mini-tournament.


Photo Credit: ako photography

While this isn’t a game typically played in thick sand, it still can be! Create a small course with the hoops (often called wickets), and use the provided mallets to whack the balls through. While anyone CAN play, it’s often a game better suited for those ages ten and above.

Giant Jenga

Photo Credit: Perth Creative Studios

A classic made giant! This beach game is exactly what it says it is. Take Jenga’s small wooden tabletop balancing and concentration game and make it extra jumbo size. It’s way more fun for the whole family, with a more dramatic finish when the whole tower decides to topple!

Kan Jam

Photo Credit: Chris Waits via Flickr CC2.0

Kan Jam is a beginners level frisbee golf requiring way less preparation (and practice). Take the two large trash can-sized goals and face off against your opponent taking turns to throw your frisbee into the small slot.

Earn points by blocking your opponent’s shots and sinking your own. Another game that can be really fun to turn into a tournament.

Ladder Golf

Photo Credit: cparadis

This game set includes a small PVC pipe ladder and tethered weighted balls attached to the ends of a nylon rope for throwing. You might have also heard of it by the name of ladder toss. Once you see it, it makes perfect sense. Perfect your skills tossing the ropes and earning points for wrapping them around the different steps of the ladder. This one takes lots of practice and some skill, but you’ll have all day to hone those skills at the beach.


Photo Credit: JennLShoots

One of the most simple games on this list. The small plywood paddles are great to keep younger kids occupied while your older kids play the more dexterous games. Cultivate your hand-eye coordination skills and count to see how many paddles you can do before you lose control of the ball.


Photo Credit: Haley Commons

This is a game you can play anywhere. It’s both athletic and simple, making it fun for everyone! Place the small trampoline in the middle of a circle of players and keep the ball in play by hitting it and bouncing it off the trampoline. I like to think of it as the floor-is-lava but with the added challenge (or benefit) of a trampoline-assisted pass.

Ramp Shot

Photo Credit: yardgames

This highly athletic game is best described as a combination of cornhole and spike ball. Built for four players, this one is a hit with older kids and young adults. The rules are easy to follow: choose a teammate, throw the ball off the ramp, and hope your partner catches it without it getting stolen by the other team. So if you want to add some movement to your beach day— this is the game for you.

Ring Toss

Photo Credit: Berkay Ataseven

If you’ve ever played horseshoes, you can play Ring Toss. This game gets rid of the bulky and dangerous metal horseshoes and instead invites you to throw plastic rings onto a small plastic post in the sand. Great for kids!

Horseback Riding

Photo Credit: Valeri Vatel

Maybe not a game per se, but horseback riding is a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon, especially in Long Beach. This huge stretch of sand really lends itself to romantic sunset rides or a morning of family equine fun. West Coast Horse Rides is in the business of making beach dreams come true with guided rides.


Photo Credit: rollors

A clever combination of bocce ball, horseshoes, and beach bowling, Rollors is perfect for group play. Bowl your rolling disk down the beach toward your opponent’s goal post and earn points by getting close— or even better, by touching the goal block. This game requires hard-packed sand to play on the beach, so be sure to set up close to the waves for optimal play.

Shaka Ball

Photo Credit: backyardbuffs

Grab four players and ready your paddles. You’ll stand in a circle divided into four parts and paddle a small ball toward your opponent’s quadrant. If they miss, they’re out! Think of it like a mini beach volleyball. Played with something close to a table tennis paddle. Or a smaller game of pickleball.

Build Sandcastles

Photo Credit: Martin Valigursky

Did you know that Long Beach hosts the sandcastle building festival Sandsations every year? Even if your visit isn’t timed to see world-class sand castle builds, you can always contribute your masterpiece to the beach. So grab your shovels, get your hands dirty, and see what your family can create together. Or host your own inter-family competition.

Long Beach also hosts the Washington State International Kite Festival and the Long Beach Razor Clam Festival. So be sure to check and see if your visit coincides with any of the fun town activities.

Social Scatter

Photo Credit: Gathertogethergames

Also known by yard game enthusiasts as skittle scatter, this game is played by tossing a wooden puck at numerous numbered wooden posts scattered throughout the playing field. Hit a single post and get the number of posts labeled on its face. Hit more than one of the posts, and you score only the number of stakes you knocked over. The game is also easy to transport with its convenient carrying bag.

Yard Dice

Photo Credit: andychenphoto

Much like Jumbo Jenga, Yard Dice takes all of your favorite tabletop dice games and brings them outside. This extra jumbo-sized set of wooden dice is more fun to roll (more effort, too) and brings simple dice games to life outdoors. Yahtzee is sure to be a family favorite.

Go Clamming

Photo Credit: Arthur Villator

This “game” is specifically tailored to Long Beach, WA. Highly esteemed as one of the best clamming destinations in the PNW. We have a full guide to help first-time clammers have a successful dig on their beach vacation.


Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen

This is probably the most popular beach game of all time. Nab the frisbee from the Kan Jam set and play on the sand or in the water! It’s great if you have a huge group who is just looking for a passive game with not too many rules, required skills, or thought whatsoever. No points are kept, but everyone wins!

Stay and Play in Long Beach

The list of games you could play at the beach is endless! Of course, badminton, with its colorful birdies, tic-tac-toe in the sand, tug of war, or limbo, all have their spot in family game infamy. But for the games on this list, all YOU need to bring on your beach trip is a beach towel. We’ve got everything you need right here at Beachhousewa. Some homes will have most of these games, while others will have all, plus more.